Type of RouteArrows DistanceGradingModerateEstimated TimeTotal Climb
Loop WalkPurple10.5 kmEasy to Moderate2.5 – 3 hrs150 m

This walking trail crosses private land along the historical Butter Road for 3km and then quiet country roads. From the mapboard, follow the purple arrows east towards Ballydehob. The route then turns north (left), crosses the N592, and continues up the very quiet roads to Derryconnell.

Follow the purple arrows along this route, keeping left at all major road junctions, [passing historical monuments and the ruins of the workhouse along the way. Take care as the route exists for 200m along the N592 before turning right onto quiet winding lanes back onto the footpath and back to Schull.


Courtesy Roaringwater Journal

Derryconnell Loop Walk route is marked with purple arrows which you need to look out for. 

The walk starts at the Trailhead in Schull (1) from which you walk down the hill past the hotel, past the Garda station and finally alongside the strand (beach) until you reach a turn to the RIGHT (2) 

After leaving the main road, the road curves to the left, rising over a small hill and as it descends again you will see a stony track leading off to the left at a bend in the road. (3)


Follow the track gently uphill and quite soon pass through a gateway into a small field. At the end of the field you will see a footbridge crossing the stream. Take care here as it can be slippery. The track now climbs steadily uphill for about 1km and when it levels out you might see an old tractor amongst the brambles. Soon after you see some farm buildings to your left but you continue STRAIGHT ON and go through a farm gate ahead. 

Continue along the track and you come to a house and farmyard on the left and a cross-roads (4) where a public road crosses your route. Here you need to turn LEFT and follow the narrow winding road gently downhill to reach the main road (R592). Here you need to turn RIGHT towards Ballydehob and then almost immediately LEFT (5) onto a narrow road across the bog. 

The road now climbs and winds northwards gaining height steadily and you will pass a few side roads which you should ignore. After about 1.5km the road starts to descend a little and on your right you will see a wide entrance with a steel bar gate and a small pumping station (6). This is an interesting walk, in itself, but not today! You carry STRAIGHT ON across quite flat countryside but with splendid views of Mount Gabriel ahead. Finally, you pass a few new houses on your right and reach a junction with a busy road (7) which crosses Barnancleeve to the other side of the Mizen Peninsula. You need to turn LEFT here, downhill for few 100m until the road splits at a fork 8) where you take the smaller road which is STRAIGHT ON. 

The road runs due south and is fairly straight now for about 1km then starts to bend and descend gently until finally it reaches the R592 again (9). Now you need to turn RIGHT and keeping a watch for traffic, walk just 220m then turn RIGHT (10) into a small boreen (bohereen, i.e. lane) before the first house. 

This narrow lane curves and winds between hedges and houses with a number of side branches. You need to keep LEFT all the time so you do half a circle and come back out onto the R592 beside a yard full of cars for sale. 

You can turn RIGHT now and use the sidewalk to bring you right into Schull where you will see the Trailhead almost opposite the hotel.