Type of RouteArrowDistanceGradingEstimated TimeTotal Climb
Loop WalkPurple10kmEasy3 hours250 m

Walk Guide

Lissigriffin Loop Walk is a 10km walk along very quiet backroads rising above Goleen to the west with views right out over Lissigriffin lake and farther away to Barley Cove.

From the Goleen village mapboard, follow the purple arrows and head uphill past the Catholic Church and immediately take the sharp turn to the RIGHT (1) up a steep descent.

As you travel in a westerly direction, after approximately 150m, keep an eye out for the purple arrow offering you the option of a shorter loop back to the village. Take this RIGHT (2) onto an agricultural track for the shortcut.

Otherwise, follow the arrow and sign for “Badger’s Mount” as the roadway begins to climb.  Heading west, the trail offers views back across the Mizen Peninsula and is bordered by flaming montbrecia in late summer. Keep an eye out, too, on this high ground for birds of prey. This stretch continues for about 2.5 miles along a narrow roadway with views to the west-southwest of Barley Cove and Mizen Head. As it descends, there is a T-junction where the terrain levels out once again. (3) Turning RIGHT here brings you to another gentle climb and after half a mile another junction. Here take a RIGHT (4) across a small bridge and bear RIGHT at the fork, well sign-posted, which after a gentle climb brings you through a cluster of houses and farm buildings. The road continues to wind gently uphill and after three quarters of a mile you will be at the high point of the walk with views out to Ballydevelin Bay to the left and Knockaphuca Hill straight ahead with Mount Gabriel beyond.

The road then descends to a Y-Junction where you turn RIGHT (5) towards the Goleen Community Centre Trailhead.  Below you will see the pale yellow Community Centre building in the distance. After a gentle decline, you come to a cross junction and can either turn Left for the Centre or continue straight ahead for Goleen Village.

Courtesy Roaringwater Journal
Goleen Village
Barley Cove